Increase your mining returns,
by virtually doubling your hard drives

Helix is an ultra-efficient plot file format that makes your hard-drive mining operation two times more powerful and increases your mining returns.

How does it work?

Innovative Plotter

Helix is using a compression technique to condense hashes before storing them on a hard drive (2x as many hashes stored compared to conventional plot file formats)

Innovative Miner

When mining, hashes will be extracted by using the computational power of a GPU, without impacting energy efficiency






Compressor is a helix plotter. It can create Helix plotfiles directly (very slow, even on SSD) or create Helix plotfile chunks (very fast, even on SMR). Helix plotfile chunks can then be further processed by Crispr.


Crispr efficiently combines plotfile chunks to either a single Helix plotfile or multiple Helix plotfile shards to create an Helix array. the combination process is fast on both PMR and SMR hard drives.




Conqueror is our Helix plotfile miner. It scans Helix plotfiles and delivers its findings to the Enigma server.


Enigma is a server to decode helix findings. It receives findings from Conqueror, checks that the miner is holding a valid license, decodes findings and either directly delivers the resulting nonce / deadline combination to our pool (standard license - cg pool only, Burst only) or returns the resulting nonce / deadline combination to the miner for individual processing (pro license - any pool, any coin).

Energy efficiency

Helix mining is more energy efficient than classic PoC mining.
The advantage of a GPU is it‘s lower power drain when idling. A Helix miner will consume less power and produces less heat compared to a classic mining setup
Lets take a look at the below simplified example:
Both setups below will roughly have the same effective capacity. In setup B, 8 hard drives have been replaced by a single GPU

Classic - Setup A

16 HDDs, CPU processing
Assumption scantime: 20s

Helix - Setup B

8 HDDs, GPU (Nvidia GTX 1050 TI)
Assumption scantime: 60s

Consumption Assumptions

GPU busy: 80W, idle: 10W, 

HDD busy: 8W, idle 4W

Classic Power consumption

Helix Power consumption


Hardware requirements

Helix has higher hardware requirements than traditional mining.
We are currently working on easing some of them. Our current recommendation:
  1. HDDs: SMR and PMR drives work well. We recommend a multiple 8 drives, all same type and make.
  2. RAM: 16 GiB per helix array (8 TiB disks) to hash and read asynchronously. The requirement is independent of array size. A way to ease the requirement is to increase array size.
  3. GPU: to decompress 1 TiB of compressed hashes, your GPU needs to be able to plot around 2000 nonces/minute.

16 GiB of free ram is needed for the asynchronous creation of 8 GiB plotfile chunks using direct i/o. For parallel plotting of multiple drives,  add 8 GiB per drive


Standard License1 USD
Cost per 1 Tb (1024 Warps)
Pro License4 USD
Cost per 1 Tb (1024 Warps)
Discount for long term cg-pool user: 0.5 USD (standard), 1 USD (pro) Minimum amount of TiB to buy: 100 TiB

NB: Prices are indicative and subject to change


PoC Consortium

We are an international group of highly skilled individuals with years of experience in PoC cryptocurrencies: executives, entrepreneurs, developers, computer scientists, admins, designers, investors and college students. We’re here to innovate, build the best products imaginable, and challenge the status quo.


a. What are the benefits of mining with Helix?
Helix increases your effective mining capacity at low cost and increases your mining returns. A helix setup is more energy efficient than a classic mining setup.
b. What coins can I mine with Helix?

All PoC2 compatible coins (Burst, BHD...) can be mined using Helix technology.

c. What might be the impact of Helix on current PoC coins?

We expect big miners to adopt Helix technology to improve their mining operations. As a result, net difficulty of PoC2-coins will further increase. For Burst, we don’t see any particular impact. For BHD, it might lead to an increased demand for mortgage (maybe even more than currently available).

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